Living Structures, Galerija Flu, Belgrad

Material: HDF, Holz, Plots, Rollrasen

Die Arbeit ist anlässlich des deutsch-serbischen Künstleraustauschs entstanden Da Zeit und Geld für eine skulpturale Arbeit nicht ausreichten, habe ich mich auf einen winzigen, ephemeren aber charakteristischen Aspekt dieser großartigen Stadt beschränkt: Die Trampelpfade.

Herausgekommen ist eine installative Fotoausstellung mit Text und ein Booklet, das

die Ausstellung im Kern wiedergibt.



Living Structures

Strolling around in Belgrade, I often found myself on unpaved footpaths, without knowing how I got there and where I left the street - it just happened naturally.

There are lots of trails in Belgrade and lots of green areas. I do not only mean the great number of parks, but the countless patches of grass and lawns, big or small, in front, between or behind houses, streets, vacant lots and parking places, beside highways and under the bridges.

Impressed by their enormous number and the strange affection they had on me I decided to focus on these trails for my current work.

There are tracks in all cities, outbreaks of the prescribed ways on which we are supposed to move. Since daily life goes its own ways, ignoring, continuing, improving officially given structures of streets and pavements and forms a living structure that becomes visible in these little tracks on the lawn.



Short Cuts

Most of the tracks are short cuts but some of them are surprisingly straight.


Straight Forward


If an overpass is too long or complicated, the path crosses not only fences and hedges but even the highway.



There are an unlimited number of combinations between pavements, streets, and trails. These are a few examples.

Network Paths


Some paths are being developed into real networks with crossings and meeting points, not only leading from A to B but connecting different locations.



The ones I like the most! Traffic routes and walkways, which people improve by the use of their feet. In the end the whole thing looks perfectly logical and convincing.

Paved Trails

Very interesting. These somehow illegal paths get a kind of official authorization by real pavement. They are no longer a temporary solution.

Dead Ends

A pure necessity. Some streets or underpasses just stop. You have to get out of there.